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Default How To: Track Buyers in Consignment Success

In Consignment Success we have the ability to track our Buyers. This Module is similar to the Consignors Module. The Buyer is assigned a unique Buyer Number at the point of sale (Invoice) or during a New Buyer creation.

The First step to Tracks Buyers is to remove the default Auto-fill "Bill To" option on the Sales Tab in Program Set-up.

In Billing Details select Display Full "Bill To"/"Send To" Fields.

Let's start by clicking on Buyers on the Main Menu in Consignment Success.

In the Buyers Module we can create a New Buyer, Edit existing Buyers, Find Buyers (Search), Generate Buyer Specific Reports, Create a New Invoice, and finally Update the Sales.
  • New
  • Edit
  • Find
  • Reports
  • New Invoice
  • Update Sales

Lets Create a New Buyer, click on New, and enter the Buyer's information. In the Status area we can add a Credit Limit and enter a default Discount percentage the will be applied to all future sales...


Click on the Buyer you would like to Modify and select Edit.


To search for a specific Buyer, start by clicking on Find. We can query by, Name, Date Range, and Other Fields. Such as Credit Limit Range and Total Sales.


Now let's look at the Reports window. Here we can generate Buyer specific Reports. Mailing Labels, List Report, Detailed List, Export Buyers to Excel and Export Buyer Email addresses.
  • Mailing Labels
  • List Report
  • Detailed List
  • Export to .csv (Excel)
  • Export Emails (Excel)


So we know how to create Buyers, Edit Buyers, let's try to [B]create a Sale from the Buyers window.


Please Click Here to view Actual Buyer Reports.
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