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Old 09-19-2011, 08:14 AM
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Post Module: Sales Promotion

The Sales Promotion module is a fun tool that you can use to handle several types of enticing sales in your store. This can encourage your customers to visit your store more often and spend more when they do.

To use the Sales Promotion module simply open it by going to Optional Modules and then Sales Promotions.

The first thing you need to specify is the period of time that you are going to have your sale.

Now we have three different options for a sales promotion: Sales tax, a category discount promotion and a discount for total invoice amount promotion.

Sales Tax Promotion:

The tax exempt sale is by far the most common though. To enable that simply check the box next to No sales tax promotions.

Letís try a sale now. Notice that automatically the invoice defaults to a tax exempt sale. It should be noted at the bottom of this screen that if you specified more than one discount you can select to Apply the larger of two discounts or to Apply both (item+total) discounts.

Discount category promotion:

The second option for discounts is a discount on specific item categories. For example if you wanted to do a book sale, you could program in a dated time period to discount those items under that category. As before enter in a date range and then select the category you want to have a sale in. Then specify a discount percentage and click Ok.

Now letís verify the sale and purchase a pair of shoes.

Notice that when I entered the item it automatically assined it a discount of 20%, making our $65.00 item now $52.00. It should be noted that this discount modifies the price of the item, therefore the discount is split between the store and the consignor who owns the item. In our last example the consignor was paid 10% less than normal and the store lost 10% of itís normal profits from the sale.

Discount total invoice promotion:

The third and final promotion is the discount on a specific invoice total. This means that you could offer a sale such as 20% off $50.00 or more. To set this up once again specific a time period and then fill in the invoice totals and the percentage of the discount.

Our invoices now discount 20% when the grand total goes over $50.00.

You have now fully used the sales promotion module and learned the different options available to you to attract more customerís into your store.
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