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Post Part 2: Differences between Consignment Ease and Consignment Success

Did you ever wonder what the differences are between Consignment Ease and Consignment Success? Below is a list of the differences between these two programs.

The features mentioned below are exclusively available within Consignment Success.

Buyer Tracking Features

Consignment Success has the following buyer tracking features features:

  • Detailed record on each Buyer, posted automatically from POS.
  • Multiple (11) user defined criteria for search and retrieval.
  • Link to and from POS bringing over all Buyer detail on Invoice.
  • Automatic creation of new Buyer record at POS.
  • Automatic display of user defined "Notice" message for each buyer on Invoice.
  • Multiple user defined Buyer contact fields.
  • Email newsletters/advertising to selected Buyers from within the software.
  • Built-in link to Wish List and matching component.
  • Email matched wish lists direct to Buyer from within the software.
  • User defined credit limit and discount for each Buyer displayed at POS
  • Multiple filter / criteria settings for Buyer Reports
  • Individual Notes area for detailed notes related to the Buyer.

Wish List Features

Consignment Success has the following wish list features features:

  • Unlimited wish lists per Buyer.
  • Each Wish list item defined by category, and sub-category fields.
  • Detailed Notes section on each Wish List.
  • Individual record for each Wish List item.
  • Separate browse list for all Wish List items or by Buyer.
  • Separate browse list with all matched Wish Lists to Inventory Items.
  • Detailed Matched Wish List report with full details including Buyer contact.
  • E-mailing of matched Wish List to each (or all) Buyer from within the software.
  • Matched Wish List record includes Wish List, Matched Item and Buyer info.

Scheduler Features

Consignment Success has the following scheduler features features:

  • Easy to use Appointment Scheduler
  • Linked to your consignors
  • Task scheduler for efficient management of your business
  • The appointment calendar covers a full six week period saving the need to split screens for appointments in weeks crossing months.
  • Easy retrieval of all appointments and a complete report by date range is at your finger-tips.

Email Features

Consignment Success has the following scheduler email features:

  • Email newsletters/advertising (.txt files) to selected Consignors and/or Buyers directly from within the software.
  • Email matched wish lists direct to Buyer from within the software.
  • Email invoices to Buyers.
  • Email Consignor’s Inventory Lists & Settlements.

Security Features

Consignment Success has the following security features:

  • Unlimited password records.
  • Three limitations in each component, Consignor, Inventory and Sales
  • Restricted screen of detailed entry tracking activity by each user
  • The history shows various entries made by which employee, the particular record along with a description of their entry.
  • All screens in the Password / Security component are only available to users with "Administrator" authority.

Add On Modules

Consignment Success includes the following add on modules (Any of these modules can be purchased as an add on module for Consignment Ease):

Sales Promotions
  • The Discount for Sales Promotions module is the "profit generator" that provides you the ability to easily setup inventory discounts for special promotions and sales events.

Buy Outright
  • The purpose of the Buy Outright module is to speed up and organize those situations where you are buying multiple items direct from a Seller, a bulk purchase of items.

Sales Order
  • The Sales Order module is the ideal solution for taking deposits on future orders and delivery.

Web Catalog
  • The Internet Point of Sale and Web Catalog module provides you the ability to create web pages from your selected inventory items in a matter of seconds!
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