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Old 09-28-2011, 07:56 AM
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Post Module: Sales Orders/Layaway

In this document we will review the process of incorporating sales orders into your daily routine with your software. Sales orders allow you to take multiple payments on items over time and essentially allow you to now accept layaways.

The sales order module is an extra cost if you use Consignment Ease, but it comes included in our premier software Consignment Success.

To begin letís first understand how it integrates into the software.

You can enter sales orders by going to the sales screen:

You may also go to Optional Modules > Sales Order:

Letís make a new sales order now by clicking on New Sales Order.

Here we will begin by entering in the customerís information or by selecting a premade buyer account.

You will now enter in the item that you want to sell to them:

Notice the total amount due at the bottom of the invoice in the amount of $65.00. Letís now record the down payment that our customer has given us.

In our example James Kirk is going to put down $30.00 on the Blue Suede Shoes. Simply put the form of payment under the Ref # and under the Deduct column record the payment amount.

Notice now that the Total Due is now only $35.00. Finally click Ok to save this sales order.

You can now see the sales order in the sales screen. In the future when you need to make more payments on it, simply select it and edit it.

At this point it is helpful to point out that the software now understands that this item is being paid on and it is not available for sale anymore. If you check on it in the inventory you will see that it is now marked in red.

Letís make the final payment on our item now and convert the sales order to an actual invoice. Select the sales order and edit it. Enter in the final amount needed for payment, in this case $35.00 and then click on Ok.

Now that the item is completely paid off select the sales orders and then click on Invoice SO.

Click Yes.

You can now print off the receipt for the sale by clicking on Print or you could just hit save to save the new invoice to your database.

You can now see in the sales screen that the sales order is now marked as closed and there is a new invoice that is responsible for selling the item, removing it from inventory and paying itís consignor the proper amount on their account with you.

You have now successfully created a sales order, made several payments on it and converted it to a full sale. The sales order feature is a great opportunity for your customers and will help increase sales for your store. This module will help keep track of every payment though and make an otherwise potentially confusing transaction very easy to process.
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