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Old 09-19-2011, 06:53 AM
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Post Module: Buy Outright

The buy outright module is a component of the software that is an excellent alternative to a standard consignment period. When you buy outright you are essentially offering a flat amount (usually less than what a consignor would earn) for items that someone has brought to your counter. This allows you to acquire items for your store account and spend less on the items themselves. The risk of buy outright though is that you now own the item and have capital invested into it.

To begin the process letís open Buy Outright, there are several ways to get there.

You can go to the Optional Modules menu.

You can also simply click the Buy Outright button.

Now click on the New button to begin the process.

You will now be prompted to enter in some information about who is receiving the inventory (this is usually the store account) and the items themselves.

Select your consignor by clicking on the consignor button. This will autopopulate the below fields with the information stored on that consignor.

Now select how much you want to offer the person selling you the items. For example if you think you can sell an item for $10.00 this will determine that you pay them $5.00.

Now you can begin entering in the items you propose to purchase for your inventory. The price you enter for the items is the price which you intend to sell the item for.

The detail fields here are based off the categories that you have already setup in the program. If no details appear make sure you edit your categories and add the fields like Size, Color, Brand, etc.

It will automatically determine the cost of this transaction based on the Offer % that you specified earlier.

Once you are finished you have two options. You can save this Buy Outright for completion later by selecting it from the list and clicking Edit or you can Complete the Buy Outright now, allowing you to take in the items and pay the person selling you them.

If you are completing the buy outright select the form of payment in which you are paying the seller.

You will now be prompted to add the items to inventory, click Yes.

Then Yes again.

Congratulations you have now successfully added your items to inventory.

You can now verify that the items are in inventory and are able to be sold to your other customers.

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