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Old 06-16-2011, 03:03 PM
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Lightbulb Do I buy a new computer, or use an existing one?

It's always a good idea to use new (or at least fairly new), clean computer when it comes to running your consignment software! Since this is going to be a business computer running your consignment software, it's best to only have programs related to your business installed - no bloatware.

Let's go over what CCE would consider to be the minimum specs for your business computer:
  • A Professional version of Windows, either XP or Windows 7
  • 64-bit preferred, but not required
  • ONLY Intel Pentium class CPUs. (NO Celerons, Centrinos, 'M' processors, etc.)
  • Minimum 3 GB of RAM
  • Hard drive size isn't too much of an issue these days, as most systems have plenty of hard drive space.
  • NO pre-installed bloatware! It can conflict with your consignment software.
You might be wondering, "Why you should I purchase a computer from CCE?" You're probably thinking, "I can find a system cheaper at a local store." But did you know you are far more likely to run into issues down the road, leading you to incur additional costs when you least expect it?

The computer you choose to run your business with is not just a computer at all - it houses the database of your software. That database is what stores all of your consignors and inventory! I cannot stress to you enough, the importance of running your software on the right computer.

Let's go over exactly what happens with your system should you choose to purchase it from us:
  1. When the system arrives here it is un-boxed by our technicians and we begin working on the systems right out of the box. The side panel is removed and all connections/drives/fans are inspected. Systems can become disconnected during shipping, leading to unnecessary troubleshooting when it arrives at an end-user's location.
  2. We let the Dell systems burn-in for at least 48 hours. This is standard practice with hardware, to ensure hard drives, RAM, etc. are truly functional and that there are no 'lemons' in the bunch. You don't just grab a random computer, install your business software on it and then hope for the best - you make sure the system is stable and ready to be the core of your infrastructure.
  3. We label each port that a device will be connected to. Seeing as 99% of printer issues stem from disconnecting/reconnecting the printer, color-coordinating the ports is one of the many steps our experienced techs take to help end-users minimize future issues. It's amazing how something so simple, isn't done by 99% of users. Our experience of knowing how such a small thing can turn into a huge issue, is part of the value in having us configure a system for you.
  4. We properly configure Windows users, permissions, advanced networking options, advanced notification options, etc. Even if this is a stand-alone computer, permissions and the user environment is very important. Also, if a second computer is ever added, at the very least, the existing computer is properly configured and ready to be networked with a new system.
  5. We install all additional hardware + drivers purchased with the system
  6. We install proper 3rd party security tools - far better than ones most know about; yet are still easy to use and don't "annoy" the user.
  7. We include a tailored System Information package which includes everything from the system passwords to antivirus info.
  8. We ensure that the consignment software is properly installed and configured.
Ultimately, with us you pay for the benefit of having a trained, experienced technician properly configure your system. He also inspects the system physically and "road tests" it to ensure it's not a lemon and it's ready to go into place as your business' database server.

To purchase a new, fully configured, business-class Dell system from CCE, view our Products Page @ All of our systems include a 3 year, Next Business Day on-site hardware replacement warranty through Dell. Your system will have Consignment Success or Consignment Ease installed and configured, along with antivirus software, anti-malware software and online/off-site file backups.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our support or sales department!
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